miracle fruit


fruta milagrosa

Miracle Fruit.

Synsepalum Dulcificum (sinsépalo dulcificum) in Latin..
Fruta Milagrosa (Bayas Rojas). en Español..


Its origen is from ghana in Africa, now it can be found in other countries such as  Miami in the united States and Costa Rica in Latin America.

Since centuries ago Miracle fruit is known. scientists say that the fruit affects taste receptors in the tongue. after eating a single berry, the taste of the food that one ingests in the next hour takes on unexpected power. Ingesting a single portion and rubbing it around the tongue and sending it out the mouth, it changes the flavor.

the fact is that if you taste a lemon that is acid, it will change its flavor to sweeet

  • The berry is a fleshy fruit surrounded by pulp seeds and what it does is that the food tastes sweet. it contains a molecule called miraculin, which sticks to the taste buds causing acid and sour foods to have a sweet taste.

  • This effect lasts between half an hour after eating, that’s what we’ve tried to know is true.

  • in japan fried is used as a sweetener by people who die. this property has given it a certain culinary prestige and has motivated its use as a substitute sweetener for sugar in dietetic foods for the control of diabetes and obesity.

  • In cities such as New York (USA), what are known as “ Voyages of flavor” are organized.  These are meetings where amateurs try different dishes and products after eating the Miraculous Fruit, in order to bring the taste buds to the limit.

  • Oliver civil, a patient with colon cancer, said that a friend of this wife was the one who spoke about the properties of the fruit from Ghana, Africa added that from the beginning the consumption changed his life

Some people say after eating miracles fruit. watch the video

Some other fruits that can cause a different effect taste of the palate in people are:

This variety can be found in the best places in the world and do not doubt that its taste and taste is a requirement of some people.. some contain vitamins and help in the recovery of energetic in people.

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